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U-kon aluminum rail profiles provide the highest rating of corrosion resistance compared with traditional galvanized or galvalume metal bars, which is very important for rainscreen cladding attachment systems.

Each U-kon aluminum rail profile has a specific purpose depending on the type of cladding material. It helps us to create a durable, easy, and fast installation system of the cladding. 


Vertical profiles

Depending on the type of wall bracket and type of cladding we created unique shape of profiles to get a perfect performance of cladding system


Fully-engineered system U-kon meet the highest building requirements.

   U-kon System rail profiles help to increase a maximum spanning ability and resist deadload, windload, seismic, and material deflection.


General catalog

The System Philosophy

Additional elements

Additional elements hangers and fasteners allow us to combine different type of cladding materials on the wall and meet all cladding manufacturers requirements. 

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