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Thermally broken cladding solutions

Our substructure systems offer ready-made solutions for attaching all types of cladding materials.

Each system can be modified specifically for your project.





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Any type of panels produced with fiber materials such as fibre cement, HPL, UHPC. The large-format panels can be attached with visible or concealed fastening methods.


Route and Return Aluminum composite panels (ACM or MCM) provide a clean design and unique look of the facade.


The wide variety of metal panels such as corrugated, standing seam or snap-lock provide a sharp look of the building.


The terracotta panels are one of the most popular cladding materials. Each brand of the terracotta panel has an individual shape.


Any type of ultra-compact ceramic, porcelain or ceramic granite panels. The large-format panels can be attached with visible or concealed fastening methods.


A large variety of stone types and textures create an individual appearance of the building.

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The complete BIPV rainscreen system that seamlessly integrated into the building envelope. 


U-kon Systems is offering a wide range of wall brackets, thermal isolators and additional accessories.


Unlimited possibilities of the aluminum extrusion help create profiles in any shape to meet design requirements.

We will help you from the earliest stage of development of the project and guide you to the realization of it on the building site.


Installation plans, specific static calculations are available in one place. 


Productions, storage and logistics of sub-structures systems are also carried out in our own team. 


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